Review – Norwegian Getaway


The size of the Norweigan Getaway stunned me as I got out of the car at Southampton Docks.  At 18 floors high, it was huge! I was excited! I was going to spend the night on this amazing ship on it’s inaugural sailing.

The sound of steel drums being played as I walked into the terminal building made me feel like I was heading off to the sun on a Caribbean island. Unfortunately for me the only isle I would be seeing on this trip would be of Wight!


I headed off to check out my room first.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that my room was equally the size of a standard hotel room, with a large bathroom with double shower and I also had a balcony, although on a cold and wet January day, overlooking Southampton Docks, I didn’t think I’d be using much.  I did use my imagination though and summoned up a picture of blue skies blending into an azure sea!

After exploring a little of the ship on my own, and wondering how I was ever going to remember the way back to my room, I decided to have a bite to eat in O’Sheehans, then after a relaxing hour reading a book accompanied by a G&T in one of the ship’s many bars, I joined an organised tour of the ship.  I was really pleased that I did this as with 27 eateries on board, it was difficult to know where to head.

678 Ocean Place was a bustling hive of activity with bars, nightlife and tons of choice for dining set over 3 floors.  The shopping area was a great place to walk off dinner and spend a few pennies on a wide range of goods for sale.  

I fell a little bit in love with The Haven, a luxurious floor with a private pool and beach club feel, unbelievably swish apartments with private balconies and dining areas and you even get your own butler! Just the type of treatment I deserve! Maybe one day!

At the aqua park and sports complex there were five multistory waterslides including Free Fall – the fastest drop slide at sea. Or if you are feeling really brave, you could venture up to The Plank and walk 8 feet over the side of the ship. Not for me thanks!

For the younger kids there was a Nickelodeon™ entertainment.  The  two-story Splash Academy allows the kids’ imaginations run free.   And teens have a cool hangout in Entourage. Families play better together when cruising Nickelodeon on Norwegian.

I did make myself laugh as I knew the ship was sailing around 6pm and when at quarter past I pulled back the curtains and looked out of the window to see why we hadn’t left yet, I realised that we were actually out at sea! I hadn’t even noticed.  Just shows how smooth it was.


The evening for me included a fabulous dinner in the Illusionarium, which promised “a remarkable entertainment and dining experience like no other”.

How true they were.  The most incredible magicians and illusionists left me completely awestruck with their compelling show and the food was divine. 

I slept like a log, not feeling like I was on a ship at all, and I would definitely recommend one of these taster days for anyone considering going on a cruise and I would be very surprised if after experiencing one of these amazing vessels, you didn’t come back right away and book up.  This ship really did have something for everyone.There was so much that I didn’t get to see, there is a 700-seater theatre on board, while I was there it was showing Legally Blonde which I can imagine was brilliant.

Sadly, I left the ship after breakfast, before it embarked on its transatlantic voyage to New Year before heading down the coast to its celebrations and launch party in Miami! And believe me, I did try to think of everything I could to stay on board!


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