It’s WiiU Party Time

Towards the end of last year, Ollie and I were sent a Nintendo Wii U and a Wii Party U Pack to our delight and to be honest, I’m surprised that we haven’t worn it out yet!

There’s a whole host of games you can play both on the Gamepad and on the TV screen and a combination of both.

You can choose from House Party, Gamepad Party, TV Party or the minigames and you can even share

Wii 2

your views through Miiverse!

It’s great fun for both adult and kids alike, you can play competitively or together as a team.  I’ve even been known to play it when Ollie isn’t home!  Don’t tell though!

It’s also great that you can switch the TV back to normal viewing, so you can carry on watching your favourite programmes, while someone is playing on the Gamepad! Genius idea!

Here’s a YouTube clip which shows you some of the games in play.


Wii 3

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