Review: Museum of Childhood, Sudbury

978_86_Picture+046+folder+3+Mouse+World+school+Andrew+Tryner_thumb_460x0A letter came in Ollie’s school bag recently saying that their next school trip was to visit the Museum of Childhood at Sudbury and I jumped at the chance to volunteer to go along as a parent helper.

I was so pleased that I did as this place is just delightful.

Our visit started in a classroom with a lady who talked about toys from the Victorian times.  The looks on the children’s faces when they were told that children then didn’t get IPads and Wiis to play on, but either they or their parents had to make their own toys from dolly pegs or bits of wood was hilarious.  The volunteer talked to us and showed us toys throughout the years which was really interesting for both the children and the adults.  They got to play with a lot of old fashioned toys too which they thoroughly enjoyed.

There were eight different galleries within the museum which demonstrated childhood through the years and the children’s task was to look for mouse-holes and see the hidden settings inside them.  The children’s most favourite part of the day, was when they got to venture down a mine tunnel and then do the chimney climb!

Another favourite part of the day was the Victoria classroom where they couldn’t believe the difference between then and now at school! Below is a video from their website showing what happens in this classroom.  I think it made our school children realise just how lucky they are!

Apparently there is also a large and lovely woodland  play area, but we didn’t have time to get to this area and co-ordinating all the children in this area would have been a bit of a task in itself.  I would also have loved to have a look around Sudbury Hall, a very impressive building which is another reason why we’ll be coming back.  There was lots of things to look at in the museum that kept us busy for a great deal of the day and the children really enjoyed themselves.  I’m sure the adults loved it as much as the kids!

904_623_Stableyard_thumb_460x0It was extremely lucky for us that we got to go on a day when the weather was glorious so we had lunch outside in the stable area and the grounds are just delightful.   There is a coffee shop and lots of outdoor seating and the prices are quite reasonable or you can take your own picnic.

In all, this was a thoroughly entertaining place for all ages, interesting, informative and lots of fun! What more can you ask for in a school trip let alone a family day out?

This is most definitely a place that we shall be revisiting and hopefully we will get to do that throughout the summer holidays.  They have some incredible events on too throughout the summer holidays which you can go along to.  We can’t wait!

Find our more about the delightful treasure find and the brilliant summer holiday events at:

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