Review of kids labels

996139_10152630722903376_6214104044511998606_nNot sure about you but the summer holidays this year seem to have flown by!  It feels like it was only a week ago that I was looking at my diary and planning what activity to do on what day, and what friends we can meet up with to keep everyone happy and entertained. 


It’s that time of year again when the school uniforms and new shoes have been bought and you’re now scouring the house for that indelible pen that you know you’ve got but are not sure where it is!  Surely it can’t just be me that can never find that flipping pen!


Never fear.  Here’s another idea for you. 


1503921_10152630708133376_4413384611353279347_nYou could try these fabulous labels from 


We were sent the Cool Kids Stickers pack of 60 and the Cool Kids Iron On Pack of 54 labels and a bag tag which I particularly loved.


They’re bright and funky and not many people would have the same as your child, making property easily identifiable and quite unique.  There are loads of designs and different sizes and quantities to choose from including value packs.   They’re easy to use with some that iron onto clothes and some that stick onto other things like lunchboxes, bags and pencil cases etc.


Oliver thinks they’re really cool – and he’s six so he should know!

148738_10152630708303376_3960167131928772789_nAnd that’s not all that the company does.   They also do:

Name labels

Clothing labels

Show labels

Photo books and gifts

Invitations and stationery

Bags & lunchboxes

Personalised clothing

Home essentials


Other gifts. 

I have to say, I can’t wait to go and iron them on!  Laters!


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