Review – Welsh Language Lessons at Nant Gwrytheryn

Prynhawn da, sut mae.

Ha – you didn’t know I could speak Welsh did you?

Well I can now!

This weekend, Ollie and I had a Welsh Language Lesson at the incredible venue that is Nant Gwrytheryn.

NantI did wonder, where on earth I was driving to, when we drove up a mountain-side, then down the steepest hill I’ve ever been down in my life!  But it was well worth it because at the bottom, there was the most stunning and picturesque village of Nant Gwrtheryn, which is situated on the cost of the Lyn Peninsula and in the shadow of the three peaks of Yr Eifl.

Full of folklore, myths, legends and a tragic love story, this is a stunning venue where you can have Welsh language lessons which can be booked in days or weeks at a time, but also hosts weddings and conferences and the fabulous terraced cottages have been transformed into 4* accommodation with ensuite facilities and internet access.

It really is the most stunning location and we were so lucky to come along on a day that had glorious sunshine.  While there, we explored the heritage centre and quarryman’s cottage. This house and all its content has been reconstructed to show how a quarryman and his family would have lived in 1910.  Fascinating!

untitledOur time at Nant Gwrtheyrn was bendigedig! Which for those of you who don’t speak Welsh (unlike Ollie and I now!) means marvellous! Our new favourite word!

Diolch to Pegi and all the staff at Nant Gwrtheyrn who made us feel incredibly welcome and shared the fabulous venue with us.   Tara wan.

For more information, the website is 

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