Review – Hot Stone Massage at Tonic Day Spa

november-verticalOMG! Today I thought I had truly gone to Heaven.

How have I got to be this age, and never experienced a hot stone massage? I’ve been missing out for soooo long!

This morning, I went for a hot stone massage at Tonic Day Spa in Heath Hayes, Staffordshire.  I booked it, after I’d been to have a RF Protege facial recently and Jade who did my facial was telling me that they had a special offer on hot stone massages in November.  I was sold.

Wow! It was incredible!

I lay on a bed of hot stones, which sounds uncomfortable but absolutely wasn’t, and just relaxed while my chakra’s were balanced and oh boy did they need balancing.

I then enjoyed a full body massage using the heated healing and energetic stones.   Hot stones were even placed between my toes.  The heat was so soothing and felt like it was really getting right into the core of my body.

This wonderful treatment completely melted my body and I left Tonic Day Spa feeling like an extremely chilled-out, wibbly-wobbly jelly, without a care in the world.  Jade definitely has magic hands and knew how to work those stones.

This might be the first time I had this treatment but it will most certainly not be the last.  IThe prices can be found here:

In November there is a special offer of £34, see website for details.



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