Dithering about an overseas holiday

This year I’m dithering about booking a holiday.

This will be the first year that I’m hoping to take Ollie away abroad as a single parent, and to be totally honest with you, I’m really nervous.

I have to say, this comes as a surprise to me too! I’m normally extremely confident (some might say gobby!) but for some reason I’m feeling extremely vulnerable.  When I start googling places, My heart starts racing and I have loads of questions!  So much so, that I abandon my search and put it off until another day.

It’s not like we’ve not been away before, but it’s always been in this country or with friends.

I would love a holiday where it’s just me and Ollie but these are my questions?

Will I feel “the odd one out” being on holiday with just me and my son?
Will people be staring at us?
How do I know a taxi company is reputable if we have to get a taxi somewhere?
How do I know we are going to be safe walking to and from the local town?
Where in the world should we go?
Will we be safe in our location?
Would we be better off all inclusive although we do like to eat out and choose restaurants?
Will it spoil a holiday?

So, any advice about being a single parent choosing and going on a holiday would be most appreciated! Over to you!

One thought on “Dithering about an overseas holiday

  1. You will know the answers when you Face your fears and Do It anyway. You are a wise woman and you will make right choices. We all look at others on holiday, don’t we? Be confident, go for it. I’m not a single mum but a 60 yr old going on her first ever 2 week holiday abroad pushing through anxious thoughts.

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